Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Got a Present From a Super Secret Santa!

Since last month, I promised myself to separate my book collection, local and international. In the beginning, I made this blog to post any review only from my English-book but then I thought that the translation book must be included on it too, because basically their story is written in English. 

This year, I also submitted this blog to join on a group of Blogger Buku Indonesia (Indonesian Book Bloggers) and I am happy that I did it. They're truly awesome. They have an amazing spirit in reading, reviewing, and discussing the books. Along with Goodreads Indonesia, BBI is my sanctuary.

BBI has an epic event every year. It's called by Secret Santa. The rule is simple. Go to Oky Septya's or Ndari blog to know it further. In brief, (1) you must be a member of BBI, (2) you have to register in joining this event in specified time, (3) the committee will chose another registered member to become your Santa, and (4) in reverse, you will be chosen as Santa for the other registered member, (5) giving/receiving your wishlist book as a gift, (6) read and review your book, and (7) post your review in specified time and don't forget to reveal who is your Secret Santa on your post. Exciting, right?

Anddddd, this is the package that I received last week.

After I unwrapped this package, I found this beautiful book, The Dark Divine by Bree Despain (Indonesian version, published by Gramedia). I LOOOOOOVEEEE IT! Thanks my dearest Santa!

Ohhh, and this year we have a "Who Am I" game which is actually a game to guess who the Santa is by solving the riddle that is included on the book package. And this is my Santa's riddle. I HAVE TO KNOW THIS ONE!!! My Santa said that we were already being a friend for a long time. Shame on me, if I can't guess who she/he is. Hikz!

Do you have any idea who she/he is? TELL ME!


  1. kalau udah berteman sebelum di bbi ya pasti gampang nebaknya. ya kan

    1. Harusnya gitu yaaa....sudah ada dua kandidat tinggal mengerucutkan nih.....semoga tebakannya bener, hehehe

  2. Aku kayaknya tahu nih, bang. :)) langsung kepikiran 3 orang, tapi 1 orang udah dicoret jadi tinggal 2. :))

  3. Bisikin donk, Aulia......masih bolak-balik di dua orang itu, hikz.....

  4. i have no idea haha

  5. yang kenal sblum gabung bbi dan hobi liat drakor sapa tu :D

  6. tebakanku hanya mengarah ke 1 orang, mas. You know her ( that a spoiler?)

  7. Personal bgt ini cluenyaa..
    I guess I know who she is. XD